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  • Doorway to trouble?

    What are Doorway pages and how do they impact search?

    There are plenty of websites on the internet that use the “doorway page” strategy to get traffic to their site.  The objective of doorway pages is to act as a …

  • On-page SEO best practices

    The on-page SEO best practices are as relevant today as they were earlier, and by now many of us are familiar with almost all the elements and aspects of on-page SEO.I also touched upon it briefly in my earlier article …

  • How to ensure that your website is set up for success

    We all wish to be successful in our online endeavors. But are we doing everything to ensure that we are successful?

    Let’s find out.

    If your website is already designed and hosted and has been up and about for quite …

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Social Media Optimization (SMO); this term was coined and described by Rohit Bhargava. That was the time when the social media started getting popular. More and more people started using this platform to reach across to others.

    What does SMO

  • SEO Management; how do you manage SEO?

    Ten tips to find out if you are managing SEO such that it is set for success

    Managing SEO for your website is not an easy task, but it is certainly not impossible to manage it, and implement the best

  • SEO and online branding

    What if you are starting a business and could do with some brand presence online. How do you go about it?

    It is an extensive subject and branding as we know takes a little while to get established. In a …

  • Website Promotion Tools Part II

    In continuation with my earlier post on website promotion free tools, here are some more promotion tools that will help you in Search engine optimizing your website.

    These SEO tools are meant to assist you, and provide you with …

  • Long tailed keywords

    Long tailed keywords; What are they?

    To put it simply, long tailed keywords are keywords that are more descriptive. This means, they are very specific.

    Let’s just say you are looking for a driving school near your locality. If you …

  • SEO best practices 2012…continued

    In continuation with my earlier post, from among the various SEO strategies that one needs to follow, the following still holds a lot of importance –

    1. Links – Getting links from authoritative sites and linking back to sites that …

  • SEO for E-commerce web sites; Tips and best practices

    Ecommerce and SEO; SEO best practices for E-commerce enabled web sites

    With the shopping season on, online shopping sites are perhaps the busiest in terms of traffic. I wonder how many such sites have successful conversions.

    Even though many web …