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PINterest; Then and Now

Pinterest captured my attention when it started; I started using it more out of curiosity and found “PIN”ning quite “Interest”ing. It was more like going to Pinterest because I just loved going through images of nature, latest fashion, Jewelry, occasional … continue reading

How to ensure that your website is set up for success

We all wish to be successful in our online endeavors. But are we doing everything to ensure that we are successful?

Let’s find out.

If your website is already designed and hosted and has been up and about for quite … continue reading

How to get more visitors to your web site – Part II

The objective of every online marketer is to increase the visitors to the website.

It does feel like an uphill task in the beginning, but it is not difficult, given the n numbers of possibilities of reaching out to relevant … continue reading

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is something that online marketers need to include in their online marketing strategy, if they have not done so already. To be a successful online marketer, attracting traffic from the social media sites has become very-very important … continue reading