SEO best practices 2012…continued

In continuation with my earlier post, from among the various SEO strategies that one needs to follow, the following still holds a lot of importance –

1. Links – Getting links from authoritative sites and linking back to sites that may be of interest to your visitors.

2. Likes- In the social networking language, getting likes for your posts is really great. Focus on good content and share in your circle and see the likes multiply.

3. Follow – Getting followers for your blog, Twitter updates is very important today. The more people that follow your posts that more visibility for your blogs.

Since search results are becoming very comprehensive, meaning; you will find that the SERPs provides you results from their index, from Twitter,  Facebook, Ezine, Youtube, the results are increasingly becoming very-very relevant. Isn’t it time that we invest time on networking and the other channels of information on the internet so that we are visible everywhere.

In summary, going forward into 2012, we will need to focus upon Social networking along with SEO strategies, we need to get this mix right in order to get popularity and visibility in 2012.

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