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  • Internal Site Search for higher converting sites

    What is Internal Site Search?

    Internal site search happens when a visitor uses the search box within your website to look for information.

    Typically, a visitor reaches a website by performing external searches on search engines, social networking sites, or …

  • Website “Designed” to Succeed

    Design elements are the building blocks of a strong and successful online presence. The design of a website is not just meant to give it an attractive look, it goes far beyond that.

    Website designers work closely with website marketers, …

  • SEO design solutions

    Every website has an objective. The website is conceptualized based on the objective and this is a very crucial stage. Designers prepare a few concepts and then zero down to the final concept.

    An informative web site will have a …

  • SEO and navigation

    For your website to be successful two things matter the most:-

    1. People find your site and
    2. They find what thay are looking for in your site.

    SEO is all about increasing the visibility of your site so that …

  • Websites, Website design, and SEO, then and now

    To best explain the evolution of websites, web site design, and SEO, I will divide this article into three phases-

    Phase I- The Bygone era of website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    In the 90s when the …

  • SEO and best practices for Website Designing

    Some of the important design elements that the a website designer might consider while and before designing a web site –

    1. The layout – The most important decision is presenting information in such a way such that the visitors …