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Does SEO process differ for each Website?

The SEO planning and implementation for each website happens after analyzing each website in terms of its strengths and weaknesses, the target population, and various other factors. Each website is unique, each business is different, and SEO needs to be customized keeping in mind the requirement and objective of each business.

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How to write for web pages

Content is king. By now we all know that and we also know that content plays a significant role in retaining your website’s visitor’s attention.
But are we using content optimally?

This post is about how to use and present content effectively.

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Why review dated web pages?

A revisit and review of your existing pages helps not only in attracting more visitors, it optimizes the quality of your website in terms of content and relevancy, two very essential elements for your website’s success.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO or Social Media Optimization is all about optimizing your content so that it is easy to share across the networking sites. This post is all about SMO, SEO, and forming a meaningful alliance between all forms of internet marketing.

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Are you writing for your visitors?

What is a bit alarming these days is the the need to churn out new content just for the sake of it. So much so that it has taken precedence over the quality and usefulness of the content. The importance of unique and useful content has taken a bit of a back seat. It is indeed critical that webmasters work towards making significant changes to ensure that the content of their website is palatable and of interest to their visitors.

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Content is King; Is it true for Site content as well?

Web Content plays a very effective role in making your online presence a success. Your web content is the best way to tell your visitors about what you can do for them. In the absence of your physical presence, your persuasive, relevant, and SEO optimized content is the best tool you have.

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10 Tips to optimize/enhance your website for users and search engines

1. Get your website user ready. Try to make it easy for the users to access information.

2. It will be very helpful for visitors if a simple Navigation is followed. If you are using images for your navigation, it might be helpful to have corresponding textual navigation.That way even if your images do not download, your textual navigation will provide the necessary guidance.

3. Consider having a newsletter. You can get visitors

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