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  • On-page SEO best practices

    The on-page SEO best practices are as relevant today as they were earlier, and by now many of us are familiar with almost all the elements and aspects of on-page SEO.I also touched upon it briefly in my earlier article …

  • Anchor texts and SEO

    Anchor texts are among one of the several hundreds of elements that are linked with optimizing your site for search engines. Anchor texts or Anchor tags have had a long  association with SEO. Though anchor texts are not given as …

  • How to do SEO?

    How to do SEO?

    I have had this question put to me in many different ways, mostly:-

    How do I improve my website’s visibility online?
    How do I improve search engine rankings for my website?
    What do you do and

  • Best SEO Practices

    Best SEO Practices ?

    Well, this web site is about the best SEO practices, but do we really have a list that will give you a complete insight into SEO and the best practices that are followed by professionals all …