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On-page SEO best practices

Most of us know about On-page SEO best practices or even if we don’t know them as on-page factors, most of us make use of the on-page SEO factors while optimizing a web site for better performance.

This article is about “What exactly are these elements” and “why are On-page SEO factors so critical for a website’s success”.

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Anchor texts and SEO

Among the many elements that make up the SEO mix, there is an element “Anchor texts”(though not as critical nowadays), that is still worth considering while optimizing your web pages for visitors and search engines. Anchor texts, if used naturally, can enhance the content of your webpage. This post is all about anchor texts.

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How to do SEO?

How to do SEO? SEO best practices blog guides you and helps you with the information that you require in order to do SEO yourself.

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Best SEO Practices

Best SEO Practices ?

Well, this web site is about the best SEO practices, but do we really have a list that will give you a complete insight into SEO and the best practices that are followed by professionals all over the world?

The answer is yes, there is…but you may not find a list that will give you a list of all the best practices, the thing is; you are never done. There is no list that will say- follow these seo practices and you will rank well.

In truth there are quite a few things that a SEO professional will do by default to prepare your web site for search engines and visitors and to ensure that your site is not black listed by the search engines and social networking sites. But what after the initial set of “to dos”?

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