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The internet has been a great source of interest to me. I started working on website promotions in the late 90s when SEO was still at its nascent stage. Those days we only had to work on the the title, description and keywords tags in order to get decent rankings in search engines. Getting registered in Yahoo! and Dmoz directories was not that difficult either.

Though some of the basic things have remained the same, the whole process has become very dynamic.

I have worked with the top corporates, small shop owners, car dealers, gift sites and websites offering a variety of products/services. It has been a learning experience all through. What started as a curiosity became a passion.

The best part about marketing your website through this medium is the flexibility that this medium offers. The availability of options and the comparatively low budget required in order to reach your target audience makes this medium very conducive to succeed online.

As long as your website offers something of use to the visitor, I don’t see why your website cannot achieve its objective. My objective of setting up this website is to share my experience and help your business attain a higher visibility on the internet.For any help with your website optimization efforts, or if you wish to see a topic covered, please drop a line to me @ contact@seo-bestpractices.com

Wish you a successful online presence,

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