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Understanding SEO; the uncomplicated way

Understanding SEO; What exactly is SEO?

Understanding SEO and implementing it is not complicated if the concept is clear. After all it is about making your presence on the internet effective and optimized.

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SEO and thinking Outside the Box

SEO is a bit of an art and science. It combines logic and method with the aesthetics. This topic has been a debatable topic in terms of whether it is more of science or Arts…the debate still continues…but one thing … continue reading

SEO is here to stay

SEO may be redefined, repackaged, and renamed, but it is definitely not going anywhere.

There is a lot of buzz these days about the changing world of online marketing, especially, SEO. It seems SEO is slowly dying.

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What is SEO?

So what exactly is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process by which your web site is optimized to perform better on the search engine ranking pages (SERPS), image search, local search, industry specific sites, search directories, information … continue reading

How to do SEO?

How to do SEO?

I have had this question put to me in many different ways, mostly:-

How do I improve my website’s visibility online?
How do I improve search engine rankings for my website?
What do you do and

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Why should you Search Engine optimize your website?

Well, you could argue and say, hey I have a website that has unique content, it downloads fast, and I update it often. The content is very useful for visitors.

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