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Online Customer Reviews and their impact on Businesses

Online customer reviews and their increasing importance for businesses today

With the rise of Social media, online customer reviews have started playing a major role. Today, if I need to watch a film, eat out at a new restaurant, stay …

Best Practices for optimizing your Facebook posts

After Facebook’s Canvas, which is for paid advertisements catered towards mobile traffic, here is good news for non-paid, organic posts on Facebook pages. Facebook’s recently launched  tool “The Audience Optimization tool” provides a lot more options for increasing the …

The Google & Twitter marriage of convenience

The Google and Twitter deal and its implications on Search and SEO

Google and Twitter signed a deal earlier this year. This deal will enable Google to index tweets and display real-time tweets on their search results pages. Google has …

PINterest; Then and Now

Pinterest captured my attention when it started; I started using it more out of curiosity and found “PIN”ning quite “Interest”ing. It was more like going to Pinterest because I just loved going through images of nature, latest fashion, Jewelry, occasional …

Squidoo has a new “Hub”

The content rich Squidoo has been acquired by HubPages.

What does this mean for the current top content creators at Squidoo?

A few things that will get affected are:-

1. With the transition already in progress, users will no longer

What are content Aggregators and why do we need them?

What are Content Aggregators?

Aggregators aggregate content/information from various sources on the internet. The content from various sources are displayed in their sites but in a different format. The content and pages thus displayed become popular based on user votes.…

Marketing through Social Media

Using Social Media to get traffic

More and more marketers are using Social Media to get traffic to a website, be it for an event or to announce the launch of new product. Social Media has the ability to reach …