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Search and make a difference

As the year ends, we continue to see changes and innovative ways by which search engines are enabling searchers to search and interact with the search results.

In tune with such changes but on a slightly different note, here is a brand new search engine that is all set to, not only get people to search from their search engine, but to also make a difference in the lives of so many people around the world who deprived of basic essentials for survival, such as clean drinking water.

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DuckDuckGo:Search with a difference

DuckDuckGo; the new way of searching, or is it the old way of searching the new?

Why is DuckDuckGo different?

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Search Results: Customization is the way forward

Knowledge Graph. What’s that?

Today, it is un-thought of that you will not find any results on searching in Google, Yahoo! Or, MSN.There is a 100% certainty that you will find an answer. Customization is where search is headed. This post is about how Google has made it possible to find an answer for you whenever you search for something. And more often than not the search engines are managing to provide you the answer without having to go through a lot of irrelevant results. Let’s take a look at how Google does it?

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Is fresh content enough to lure Search Engines?

Content is King, but in order to emerge as a winner the king needs the support of two of his most trusted aides, “Relevance” and “quality”. The King cannot do without them.

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8 SEO myths

Some SEO myths have over time become SEO facts. They are now so ingrained in our systems that some Internet marketers use these as thumb rules when implementing SEO.

People tend of believe these myths so much that it is difficult to make staunch believers believe otherwise.

Check out what these SEO myths are.

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To Follow or Not to Follow

I sometimes wonder what would happen if Google were to suddenly remove Page Rank from the toolbar. There would be no Page Rank at all. What would we do then? How would we judge if a website is a great find to just another run of the mill website?

Webmasters would have to go back to the good old method of considering factors such as ranking in search engines, content, usefulness, among other various factors
before linking to a website.

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Google Webmaster tools & SEO Audit

In order to carry out a SEO audit for your website, you will require access to data specific to your website’s performance. If you have a Google webmaster account, it is a great place to begin your SEO audit process. If you do not have a Google webmaster account, it is time you got one.

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Searching in the Social Networking era

Search engines help us find anything that we wish to find.

With the entry of Social networking sites, the searching pattern seems to have changed a bit. We are witnessing a whole lot of changes in the world of search. Let us find out what is changing and how.

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