Website Promotion Tools Part II

In continuation with my earlier post on website promotion free tools, here are some more promotion tools that will help you in Search engine optimizing your website.

These SEO tools are meant to assist you, and provide you with data that will be helpful in your SEO research work.

Link Popularity Checker (
This useful tool checks and returns a list of links or URLs to any website.
This will essentially help you find sites that are relevant to your site. Getting incoming links from these sites increase the chances of getting more relevant visitors. You can approach such sites to link to your site, and may consider returning the favor.

Keyword Optimizer (
This tool is very helpful if you are working on a project where you are handling huge volumes of keywords. Just paste one keyword per line, and watch it do a superb job of cleaning up any duplicates. Not only tha,t you get back a list that is sorted alphabetically! Now this is what I call a time saver!

Google vs Yahoo Search Results
This is another interesting tool. It will give you something to mull over. Most of us compare how our websites are doing on Google and Yahoo! for our most relevant keywords.

This tool will saves you so much time! You will see the results instantly, whereas if you were to do it manually, it would have eaten up quite a bit of your time. And the graphical representation is really great.

Page comparison tool-
This is another convenient tool. The tool compares two pages, in terms of titles, Meta tags, keywords/key phrases. You will be able to know the extent of similarity between two pages easily when you use this tool.

I will write about more such SEO tools in my next posts. Just a word of caution though, these are tools and sometimes they may not give you 100% accurtae results.

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