Top 5 SEO trends to watch out for in 2019

SEO in 2019 will see a greater shift towards optimizing websites, pages, social media presence to provide, Instant, Authentic, Fast, and Responsive results…

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Increase Visibility & do more with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and ratings are  one of the most  effective ways of  increasing the popularity and conversion of your products and services. Reviews/testimonials from customers, which were earlier a good thing to have, is now a must have. With Social …

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Optimize your online presence; SEO tips

With voice search coming in a big way, how do we optimize our online presence so that we can keep up with the changing times. This post provides helpful SEO tips on how to optimize your online presence.

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SEO in 2018 -Top 5 critical areas to focus upon in 2018

SEO in 2018 will continue to see a focus on some of the key areas that have been in focus in 2017 as well…however the key thing for SEO in 2018 would be “Interactive & personalized search results and voice …

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Google Snippets and their impact on search

What are Google snippets? Google snippets have been featuring in Google SEPRs for a number of years now.When you type in a search term in the Google search bar,  you may sometimes notice a highlighted search result at the top …

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With the new updated Facebook Events App, look no further

Facebook’s events App is no longer limited to events, in its new avatar it has gone “Local”. This essentially means that the erstwhile Facebook events App, which has now made a comeback in a new form, can find events, businesses, …

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Audioburst; this audio search engine helps you find audio content easily

Audioburst is a search engine that connects you to various audio sources for any audio content that you may be interested in. What exactly does this audio search engine do? Audioburst is a company that has recently launched a new …

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With Google for jobs look no further

Google has job opportunities for you… you heard right, if you are looking for a job, head straight to Google What is Google for jobs? Google for jobs is a new initiative by Google and is currently available in America …

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Google’s Project Owl and its impact on Search

What is Google’s Project Owl? Google’s Project owl is a mammoth initiative by Google to improve the quality of search results in its SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Pages). This project got triggered because of the frequency of appearance of fake …

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Your website is Optimized and Converting; What next?

Your website is doing well, and you are satisfied with the number of conversions it receives. However, with changing times a lot of new things need to be added so that your competition does not get the better of you. If you were to consider making major changes in your website, such as changing the page design, how would go about with the process?

Would you go the old route of getting a few different layouts designed, and then arriving at a decision on the best design based on the feedback of a few key stakeholders ? Or, would you consider a more scientific way of approaching this?

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