Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO); this term was coined and described by Rohit Bhargava. That was the time when the social media started getting popular. More and more people started using this platform to reach across to others.

What does SMO mean?

Simply put, SMO means optimizing your website so that the content of your website can be shared across the networking sites easily. While search engine optimization optimizes the website content so that it is easier for search engines to access and rank your website, SMO focuses on the social networking sites. In many ways SEO and SMO are related because their goals are the same; SEO optimizes the content for search engines and SMO for Social media.SMO should be a part of your SEO strategy, not only because it is one of the many factors that Search engines have started taking into account while ranking your website, but also because it the most natural way of spreading your message across to your audience. Search engines monitor and measure the popularity of our message and links across social networks. If your content or links receive “likes” and “shares”, the effect of that may trickle down to the SERPs as well.

Almost all the websites today use social bookmarks in their content pages so that the content can be shared easily across all the networking sites. When you publish new content on your blog, the RSS feeds propagate your content all over the internet. The ability to share content across a diverse online population is what SMO has enabled webmasters to do. Whatever you publish becomes live and has the potential of going viral. The realization that an “idea” can take wings and fly within no time is really exciting!

Including Social media optimization in the Search engine optimization strategy is helping webmasters spread their content to relevant audience within no time. Social media is defining the way people are searching, accessing, and sharing content across the internet.

For marketers, this is the time to merge SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization), and SMM (Social Media Marketing) and create a strategy so powerful that your website or message will not only attract your target audience instantly, but also go completely viral. Don’t we just love this kind of viral infection!

Here’s to a year full of marketing your products across the social networking sites, attracting relevant traffic, and converting them too.

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