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  • Hungry? Just Go to Google

    A recent launch from Google will take care of your desire to eat whatever food you are pining for, effectively and efficiently. All you have to do is just let Google know.

    North Indian Food

    If you want to order food online, all …

  • Search has a new meaning; SEMANTIC

    We knew we were headed this way. And it is here now. The latest algorithmic changes in Google was geared towards making their search results more SEMANTIC.

    Search is becoming personal and interactive, and search engines such as, Google is …

  • 8 SEO myths

    1. SEO is not required for brands :

    SEO is required for big brands as well. SEO is a holistic process involving various factors like On- page optimization which involves, design optimization, researching relevant Keywords, content optimization, writing relevant titles, …

  • 5 reasons why Organic search continues to dominate search

    The internet provides us with so many options today to search, find, and zero in on what we need. Especially with social networking sites, it is now even easier to find information and information that you can trust because it …

  • Searching in the Social Networking era

    Search is getting more and more customized because of the presence of social networking sites. Searchers are increasingly relying on recommendations, likes, and reviews on anything they wish to buy or subscribe to, from their networking circles.┬áSo what does …

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Social Media Optimization (SMO); this term was coined and described by Rohit Bhargava. That was the time when the social media started getting popular. More and more people started using this platform to reach across to others.

    What does SMO

  • SEO results; how soon can you start seeing results?

    SEO results is a measures of how effective your Search engine optimization techniques have been.

    After applying the basic SEO best practices, it is a good idea to check if your efforts are paying off. Typically you might start seeing …

  • Websites, Website design, and SEO, then and now

    To best explain the evolution of websites, web site design, and SEO, I will divide this article into three phases-

    Phase I- The Bygone era of website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    In the 90s when the …