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  • Attract more traffic by including long tail keywords in your content

    What are long tail keywords?

    Long tail keywords are key phrases that may go up to 3-4 words and even more, these are very-very specific and descriptive key words that a searcher types in to describe what they are looking …

  • SEO Then & Now

    Now that the top three ranking factors from Google are well known, are we going to see a drastic change in the application of SEO?

    How will the top three ranking factors impact the application of SEO in the future?

  • Into the visual Age

    The need for compelling and unique content is a fact that everyone is aware of but what is it that makes a content unique and compelling?

    Content does not mean having pages and pages of information, unless it caters to …

  • Let’s give SEO its due

    The last few years have seen a number of changes in terms of how websites are marketed. Marketers now have a numbers of ways of reaching and attracting traffic to their websites.

    I keep getting questions and concerns about SEO. …

  • Voice we must; when search turns vocal what should businesses do?

    It has been “voiced” before and we knew it was coming; “Voice” search will slowly start getting popular. With Google Chrome already set up with voice search, the future of search is going to get “Vocal”!

    This means a large …

  • How User-friendly is your site?

    Successful websites have learnt the art of meeting their customers needs in the most helpful and user-friendly way.

    The mantra is not just about providing information but to provide the information keeping in mind the potential customer’s requirements.

    I was …

  • Search has a new meaning; SEMANTIC

    We knew we were headed this way. And it is here now. The latest algorithmic changes in Google was geared towards making their search results more SEMANTIC.

    Search is becoming personal and interactive, and search engines such as, Google is …

  • The ever evolving audience and their effect on SEO

    Searchers have over the years evolved a lot. Not only do they know how to search, they know how to get to their results faster.

    Earlier there weren’t that many businesses on the internet and neither were there that many …

  • On-page SEO best practices

    The on-page SEO best practices are as relevant today as they were earlier, and by now many of us are familiar with almost all the elements and aspects of on-page SEO.I also touched upon it briefly in my earlier article …

  • 5 Easy to implement SEO tips

    These SEO tips are simple and very effective for any online business. You don’t need to know Html to implement these SEO tips. These are especially useful if you have just launched your web site or if you wish to …