SEO and online branding

What if you are starting a business and could do with some brand presence online. How do you go about it?

It is an extensive subject and branding as we know takes a little while to get established. In a market already over saturated with similar products how do you leave a lasting presence in everybody’s mind? Especially if you are a small business owner and you do not have a huge budget to create a brand presence off line.

The scene is not all that bad. In today’s world you can find a way to reach out to your target customers.

A mix of SEO and other marketing tactics can easily get your there. Here is what you can implement:

1. Online presence – You will need to have an online presence. Buy a domain that somewhat reflects your brand.  Get a website created and launch it.  You can check out this article  about the advantages of  launching your new site. If you already have a Web site and just wish to make your brand presence stronger, here are some tips that might help:-

1. Find a good tagline for your business – A descriptive yet short and attractive tagline that spells out your USP will do good. Use it in your the title, and description tags of your web site pages, and remember to use the tagline with your product logo as well.

2. Create a video – If you sell products or services, create a short presentation or film and put it up on YouTube. Put in a lot of graphics. Create an attractive title for the video, and don’t forget to include your tagline.

3. Twit about it – Create a Twitter account and add people in your network, converse with them, make friends, and talk about your product too.

4. Facebook– Create a page for your business on Facebook – This will help you reach out to a relevant group of people. You can provide gifts for subscribing; you could run contests, anything that makes your page popular and attract more traffic. This in turn will  make your brand more visible.

5. Coupon sites-There are several coupon sites online. They offer fabulous discounts to customers. You might want to consider tying up with such sites. These online shopping sites attract a lot of traffic. Your discounted products will definitely find takers here. And if your product is good, you are bound to get repeat customers.

These ideas should get your going to begin with. By this time your SEO efforts will start making an impact too. Keep writing good content and try to get natural links to your website.

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