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Conversion Rate Optimization the natural way!

Your website ranks decently and is attracting a lot of traffic. But your visitors are not taking the required action.

What can you do the ensure that you can retain the attention of these visitors, convert them into paying customers, or do what you desire them to do, such as, subscribe to your newsletter, etc… once they are in your site?

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Top 4 On-page SEO elements that will continue to impact ranking

There are some very basic SEO elements of a website that are critical for the success of a website. They have not changed over the years, they may have changed in the way they are presented, but they continue to impact search engine results in the most powerful ways. This post is about some of the critical not to be compromised on-page SEO elements.

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How User-friendly is your site?

How do you measure a website’s success?
If a website accomplishes its objective it is considered to be successful. For most websites it is the number of successful conversions that determines whether it is a success.

But what are the essential functions that a website must perform in order to be successful?

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How to ensure that your website is set up for success

Getting what you want out of your presence on the internet may not be the easiest to achieve. Meaning, if you have a website and you want visitors to be queuing up at your website doorstep the moment you launch your website, or even within a few months, is something that may be difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

This post is about various aspects that you might need to consider so that your website is set up for success online.

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