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  • Let us uncomplicate & understand SEO

    I am hearing the below-mentioned so often these days that I wonder if that is what most people think and know of SEO today…

    To most people today, SEO is not something they need to understand or know… if they

  • How to Market a Website

    Here are some of the basic and most critical stuff that marketers will need to focus upon in order to successfully market their websites.

    The Technical Aspect

    1. There must be a thorough quality check on all the technical aspects …

  • FACE it and BING it on

    There is a lot that has happened in the search engine world in the last couple of weeks.

    1. Facebook’s new search engine is allowing you to search for real-time news from its database of trillions of posts

    2. And

  • Christmas & Holiday season sales; How to make the most of it

    With the holiday season almost here, on-line shopping sites need to start working on their holiday sales strategy. It is going to be busier than last time since not only will we see a higher percentage of people shopping on-line, …

  • Worth Stumbling Upon

    Most of us are regular users of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and perhaps some more social networking sites, but there is a particular favourite of mine, that somehow does not seem to make it at the top of the list …

  • Online Reputation Management; Are you doing this?

    In an era where almost everything is found online, it should not come as a surprise that potential customers would want to check reviews of your business online before making a buying decision.

    So what do you do to make

  • The S3 (Social-SEO-SEM) Synthesis

    The S3 synthesis as I call it, has been in the offing ever since social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter started gaining momentum, it became apparent that we will soon see an amalgamation and therefore the socialization …

  • With Google Knowledge Graph you “click no further”

    Google’s knowledge graph & it’s implications on SEO

    With Google knowledge graph which typically provides instant answers to questions, websites may see a fall in traffic to their sites since searchers are getting their
    answers instantly, they won’t have to …

  • Doorway to trouble?

    What are Doorway pages and how do they impact search?

    There are plenty of websites on the internet that use the “doorway page” strategy to get traffic to their site.  The objective of doorway pages is to act as a …