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Yext; Attract relevant local traffic by Optimizing local-specific listings

Yext enables you to attract relevant local traffic and increase conversions by providing easy to use interface for managing and optimizing local-specific listings

About Yext

Yext is a technology company well-known for its award-winning product, Location cloud. Founded in 2006 …

Most effective practices of increasing traffic to your website

Some of the most effective ways of increasing traffic to your website are listed below. There are no short cuts to this, but utilizing these tips will certainly enable a faster and a continuous inflow of increased traffic to a …

Over-Optimization kills while under-Optimization hurts

While it is safe to say that every web page requires to be optimized so that it can be set up for success; how much optimization is enough, is there a defined limit beyond which we need to stop? How

What is AMP and why do you need it?

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The objective of Accelerated Mobile Pages is to enable web pages to load faster and therefore get displayed faster on mobile devices.

Most of the web pages today have adapted …

Google’s Top Three Ranking Factors

Google’s Top Three Ranking Factors; what are they, and how will they impact search results?

This post is all about that.

Google’s top three ranking factors are as below:

Links, Content, and, RankBrain (Not necessarily in that order, and …

Let us uncomplicate & understand SEO

I am hearing the below-mentioned so often these days that I wonder if that is what most people think and know of SEO today…

To most people today, SEO is not something they need to understand or know… if they have a

How to Market a Website

Here are some of the basic and most critical stuff that marketers will need to focus upon in order to successfully market their websites.

The Technical Aspect

1. There must be a thorough quality check on all the technical aspects …