Conversion Rate Optimization the natural way!

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What is the purpose of a website/ business? Why does it exist?
Is getting visitors to your site enough?

Some of my visitors want to know how they can get visitors to take the required action when they arrive at their site.

The basic objective of having a website or a business presence on the internet is to attract traffic and get that traffic to take the desired action. If people visit your site and leave without doing what you want them to do, it really does not help. Applying SEO best practices will optimize your site’s performance at every step. SEO not only increases a website’s visibility it also converts visitors into paying customers. This post is about how to optimize your website for higher conversions by applying SEO best practices.

Conversion rate optimization is the process by which a website/page gets optimized and is prepared to convert visitors into paying customers.

This involves SEO optimization effort right from when the website is conceptualized…website designing, to content writing, and to hosting the site. A website that sells products should focus on creating a website that is as interactive as possible. When visitors enter a site and find all the information that they are looking for easily in order to make that crucial decision, this is what is the most desirable state. And this is very possible if the website has been well-thought out and optimized for the visitors.

A visitor should never feel lost, replicating the exact same feeling if they had entered a store where they could reach out to a store attendant who would help them out with their queries and help them arrive at a decision is exactly what a website should provide a visitor in order for them to close the prospect. It should be the content, the visuals, offers,
help lines, FAQs that should do all the talking in order to convert visitors.

Some of the key factors that can help in converting visitors are:

1. Provide an answer to what they are looking for. The moment a visitor lands up in your site, they should be able to find what they are looking for

2. By writing persuasive and informative content and visuals highlighting the USP of the business. Visuals should download fast and content should be informative and easy to understand.

3. Price, special offers, delivery time and schedules, and return policies should be clearly mentioned in the site.

4. Trusted payment mode

5. Help numbers that are 24X7 and operational

6. Fast download speed

7. Easy to follow navigation

8. Every page should be treated as an entry page. Navigation links, contact numbers, and special offers should be mentioned clearly.

My suggestion to people who are getting a reasonable number of traffic but are unable to convert them, is to take an in-depth look at their website, especially the analytics part and analyze why visitors are leaving the site without taking the required action.

It may help to get different groups of people to navigate your site and buy and get their detailed feedback. One of the ways to optimize your site is to implement their feedback and suggestions and observe and analyse any changes in the visitor’s behaviour.

In summary, sites that communicate effectively by providing information that the visitors are looking for, download fast, are easy to navigate, have established trust through great on-line reviews, testimonials, and provide solid customer support, are taking required actions to ensure that their website is optimized for higher conversions. Like all optimization processes, Conversion optimization is a continuous process and regular analysis and visitor feedback will help in maximizing conversions.

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