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  • The S3 (Social-SEO-SEM) Synthesis

    The S3 synthesis as I call it, has been in the offing ever since social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter started gaining momentum, it became apparent that we will soon see an amalgamation and therefore the socialization …

  • 20 SEO Facts

    1. SEO (Search engine optimization) is both an art and science. The presentation of SEO in terms of website design and content is an art. This art includes SEO techniques in order to produce results, and this is the  scientific …

  • Top Ten Search Engines

    Top Ten Search Engines

    A study of some web sites and my web site revealed that the
    below-mentioned search engines make up the top 10 search engines. Though there is nothing new about this, most of us know that Google …

  • Internet Marketing Strategy & Offline Marketing

    Internet marketing is an umbrella term that includes all the ways and means by which you can promote your products and services online.

    For most businesses it is now imperative to have an online presence. Any business (corporate or small