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Over-Optimization kills while under-Optimization hurts

To optimize and how much to optimize seems to be a predicament today. There are a lot of varying views regarding the need for optimization. While some people advocate optimizing a site, there are others who do not feel the need for it. In my humble opinion, optimization is a need for every website.

Optimizing a web site or a web page is not about having a check-list of things that need to be completed. It is much more than that. In order to implement optimization best practices for a website, a complete understanding of, what, how, where, when, and for whom, is very-very important.

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How to Market a Website

To market a website (and to boost the on-line visibility of a website), there are several things that will need to work in tandem, to produce the most desirable results.

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SEO: The Long Term Return On Investment

With more and more people believing that they do not need SEO, can websites and pages do away with SEO completely?

Or, does SEO need to be understood, explained, and marketed better?
I find it strange that SEO needs to make its presence felt and convince people about the need for SEO:(

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What is SEO?

This is not a very common question anymore, and perhaps it is a little late to discuss this, but this question is still asked more often than not. Perhaps SEO needs a little more explanation.

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How much should you optimize your web site?

You have followed the SEO best practices, and now you expect some positive results of that effort. Right? There is just another check you need to do before you hit the “continue” button.

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