Christmas & Holiday season sales; How to make the most of it

With the holiday season almost here, on-line shopping sites need to start working on their holiday sales strategy. It is going to be busier than last time since not only will we see a higher percentage of people shopping on-line, there will be an increased number of people shopping from mobile devices.

If you have an on-line shopping site, it is now time to start planning in order to attract more customers. A lot of people start researching and buying much before the onset of the season in order to avoid the rush. Some of the things that you can do to ensure that visitors do not leave your store without buying:

1. Do a thorough quality check of your website to ensure there are no broken links
2. Ensure that all the products displayed are available and the descriptions provided are current and accurate.
3. Revisit the FAQ page to update information.
4. Ensure that the contact numbers and information provided are correct.
5. Offers that are no longer valid should be removed.
6. Sitemaps should be cleaned up and updated
7. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly & that visitors can easily find information, and complete their purchases from mobile devices without any hiccups.

Some of the on-line marketing activities that can be carried out to ensure that you build up enough interest, attract new visitors, and retain customers are:

1. Advertise; Use Google AdWords, Facebook, high traffic portals with relevant traffic .
2. Update information on your local pages in Google +, this should include timings, contact information, best deals, discounts, and any other information that you want your potential customer to notice.
3. From the SEO perspective, ensure that page titles, internal links, anchor texts, and content are optimized.
4. Ensure that your boards on Pinterest are updated and that you have partnered with third party payment platforms to Enable buying from Pinterest boards.

Give something of value for free

One of the things that you can do if you are new and have recently set up an on-line store, is to give out something for free (in fact this strategy is adopted by big brands as well). Utilize Pinterest boards, Face book pages, Google+, Twitter…to spread your word. You can use offline stores to provide these coupons/gift cards to people who have shopped at a particular store. All they need to do is register on-line on your website, and add the value of the coupon to their account. You may want to keep the coupon value hidden so that there is an element of surprise and most visitors would like to register on-line to find out the value.

One thing that needs to be considered is the value of the free gift/coupons, it should not be so low that nobody feels interested; the idea is to give something of value that is enough to keep the interest going. Not only will you get relevant people to visit your site and register, but you would also have captured their interest. They will explore your products and certainly try out something because they have a gift voucher with an expiry date! And if your products and customer service is excellent, you have a customer for life!

This is just one of the ways of attracting and retaining customers, there are several ways of attracting customers,however, it is important that whenever you provide something for free, the visitor should get some value out of it, else your would-be customers will not feel interested, and may not feel compelled enough to try out your products.

Do you agree? I look forward to your feedback.

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