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Conversion Rate Optimization the natural way!

Your website ranks decently and is attracting a lot of traffic. But your visitors are not taking the required action.

What can you do the ensure that you can retain the attention of these visitors, convert them into paying customers, or do what you desire them to do, such as, subscribe to your newsletter, etc… once they are in your site?

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SEO in 2015

2015 will unfold an era of instant gratification in terms of searching online and buying.

With a large number of searches and purchases happening from mobile devices, what will be the key areas to focus upon for marketers in 2015?

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SEO and navigation

Some of the very pertinent elements that are related to SEO and website navigation are; Site search, Sitemap, and Breadcrumbs. These elements not only help in making a website user friendly but also search engine friendly.

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Website SEO optimization by testing

Testing your website for human friendliness and usability is of prime importance and is perhaps one of the best ways of ensuring that your website will be palatable to the end user. And if it is palatable to the end user, be assured that search engines will like it too!

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