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How to create a High Quality and Trustworthy web site/page

The importance of high quality content is known to everyone. But what are all the elements that go into making a website a high quality and trustworthy website?

We now have some of these answers in the form of a guideline that Google provides to its raters to evaluate websites.

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Top 4 On-page SEO elements that will continue to impact ranking

There are some very basic SEO elements of a website that are critical for the success of a website. They have not changed over the years, they may have changed in the way they are presented, but they continue to impact search engine results in the most powerful ways. This post is about some of the critical not to be compromised on-page SEO elements.

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Website “Designed” to Succeed

Design is what holds a website together. The look and feel of a website is a product of the designing effort.

With a strong focus on what visitors want, designers and website marketers can create a website that not only has the looks, but is also smart enough to hold the attention of potential customers, and convert them.

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The ever evolving audience and their effect on SEO

SEO as we know today was not such a well-known technique 15 years back. Search Engine Optimization has been through a lot of changes over the years and today it is a well-known and established process by which businesses optimize their websites for visitors and search engines. Let us look at what has changed over the years.

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Websites, Website design, and SEO, then and now

This article focuses on the changing face and interdependence of websites, website designing, and Search engine optimization.

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