The 3Es of the future of marketing on the Internet

Enable E-commerce, Engage, and Ensure

As we witness changes around us, with Google’s mobile optimization, with social networking sites such as Pinterest and Facebook partnering up with E-commerce partners to enable buying directly from them, to Ad free and privacy conscious search engines, the future seems full of opportunities and challenges.

Enable E-Commerce

Every website owner that sells products and services needs to ensure that they have E-commerce enabled their websites. Today business owners have various ways of reaching out to their potential customers, they do not have to rank in page 1 in the major search engines to reach and attract potential traffic. They have a pretty good chance of attracting traffic and converting them by optimizing their presence in the social networking sites. The first step to ensure that they can convert visitors into buying customers is to E-commerce enable their sites. To know more about enabling E-commerce, you may want to visit


Engaging in social networking continues to be an ongoing process. Unless marketers engage and increase their following, it does not make sense to have a presence in the social networking sites. Optimizing sites and pages, engaging, following, getting followers is something that must be done on a consistent basis. Internet is after all linked, the more the engagement, the higher the possibility of getting noticed. Visibility across all segments needs to be the focus. Some of the popular social networking sites such as, Pinterest makes it easy to engage people, follow them, and reach out to them.Twitter is another popular networking site for engaging and attracting potential customers. Another valuable platform for your business owners is Google+, creating business pages at Google + is simple and can be used effectively to give your business more visibility. In addition to focusing on social media strategies, the focus should also be on SEO and creating high quality and good content sites. Networking will not bring in desired results, unless it is backed up by good quality and well optimized, relevant content. Optimizing for search engines, for social networking, and for any content that you place on the internet is and should be the focus now and going forward.


In order to ensure that the internet marketing strategy is working for a particular business, analyzing data (source of traffic, amount of time spent, entry pages, exit pages…to name a few) is very-very important. Marketers need to analyze data to draw up new strategies, scrap or modify what is not working, and continue to focus on strategies that are successful. Google Analytics provides a lot of useful data and can be used very effectively to study and evaluate options, and optimize existing strategies.

I would love to hear about your thoughts on the future of Internet marketing.