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The S3 (Social-SEO-SEM) Synthesis

The S3 synthesis as I call it, has been in the offing ever since social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter started gaining momentum, it became apparent that we will soon see an amalgamation and therefore the socialization …

SEO in 2015

In 2015 SEO will continue to evolve in terms of its applicability across all channels. Webmasters will need to focus more and more in making their websites popular and their presence felt across all possible channels  and mediums.

Here is …

Squidoo has a new “Hub”

The content rich Squidoo has been acquired by HubPages.

What does this mean for the current top content creators at Squidoo?

A few things that will get affected are:-

1. With the transition already in progress, users will no longer

Marketing through Social Media

Using Social Media to get traffic

More and more marketers are using Social Media to get traffic to a website, be it for an event or to announce the launch of new product. Social Media has the ability to reach …

Online visibility; what lies ahead?

Online visibility has changed drastically over the years for business owners and for online marketers.

There is now a visible change in the online marketing strategies that used to be recommended earlier to online business to increase their website’s online …

Search…searching…Search Engines

Earlier there were search engines and search directories. Searchers  would go to Google, Yahoo! MSN, Altavista, Askjeeves, Dmoz etc to search for anything they wanted.

Those were the days when we talked and discussed about the search engines…which one is …