The S3 (Social-SEO-SEM) Synthesis

The S3 synthesis as I call it, has been in the offing ever since social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter started gaining momentum, it became apparent that we will soon see an amalgamation and therefore the socialization of internet marketing activities.

I wrote an article a few years back where I talked about the future of internet marketing, it was about the entire gamut of internet marketing activities, such as, SEO, SEM, Social networking, and how they will get integrated into one.

Today, we are seeing exactly that “A complete synthesis of all elements of internet marketing“. With defined boundaries giving way to not so defined boundaries where we are seeing a blending of SEO, Social networking, SEM, and other internet marketing activities. In order to successfully market products and services on the social networking sites, knowledge and application of SEO best practices is required, and SEO in turn cannot be successful unless it gets social. Each of these activities are now dependent on each other and have the most positive impact when implemented in coordination with the other activities.

The strategy that would have worked five years back will not work now, it will need to be revised and re-aligned keeping in mind the changing behaviour of search and how people are accessing the internet today. One major change that has happened in the recent years is the rise in the number of people browsing the internet from their mobile devices. Not only do marketers need to have their internet marketing activities aligned to include social networking, there is an absolute need for internet marketing to encompass mobile marketing strategies.

Social networking will continue to gain momentum because of the way it is designed, it is not just the ease with which this platform allows sharing and following, the driving force is the people who use it. People are driving it, people are connecting with their circles of friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and so on and so fore…more and more circles get created this way, and the network grows. People share what they like, they recommend, and follow people that they find relevant. Social networking sites are successful because they are social; they are customized and tailored to suit the requirements of an individual. People will share and follow if they find something relevant, informative, and useful. If a friend recommends something it is bound to have a more positive impact.

Here is an indicative flow of  Internet marketing techniques that are now applied to a site because of  S3 (Social, SEO, and SEM) synthesis:

S3 (Social-SEO-SEM) synthesis

With rapid changes in technologies, and how people access and use the internet today, can Internet marketing techniques remain the same?

I look forward to your thoughts on this topic.

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