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Google’s Top Three Ranking Factors

Google’s Top Three Ranking Factors

Now that we have the top three ranking factors that Google uses to rank pages, as mentioned-below:

Links, Content, and, RankBrain (not necessarily in that order, and as we know there are various other factors …

Paint your own canvas with Facebook and watch your mobile traffic grow

As web masters and business owners we are always looking for ways to get more traffic to our websites. In addition to increasing organic traffic by using SEO, the online marketing strategy should include advertisements on mobile devices. The SEO

Local businesses; Get found for local searches

Local optimization is no longer an optional part of your SEO optimization strategy; it has to be one of the most critical aspects of SEO. Just like having relevant titles for your pages are a must, local presence and optimizing …

Critical Ranking factors for ranking in search engines; a study

Most of our Optimization efforts are focused on optimizing sites for high quality content, lucid navigation, user friendliness, and establishing authority. I was curious to know the correlation between ranking and the factors that we place importance upon.

A sample …

How to get more visitors to your web site

This is one of the questions that every webmaster wants to know the answer to. One of the main objectives of this website, SEO best practices, is to help business owners get more visibility on the Internet. I have written …