Squidoo has a new “Hub”

The content rich Squidoo has been acquired by HubPages.

What does this mean for the current top content creators at Squidoo?

A few things that will get affected are:-

1. With the transition already in progress, users will no longer be able to edit their pages at Squidoo.

2. The one most essential to do is to register/create an account with Hubpage so that data can be transferred to your HubPage account.

3. The Squidoo URLs will not remain the same since they will get transferred to HubPages, the URLs will change but the good news is, the change will be seamless because 301 redirect will be used to inform search engines about the new address of these pages. No worries, there.

4. The thing that may be a bit worrying would be that not all content will get transferred to HubPages. You may want to save a copy of your pages because Squidoo will not keep these pages either.

5.Your Squidoo contributor status will not get transferred, meaning even if you were one of the top contributors on Squidoo and enjoyed a higher status, your status may not get transferred as is. You will need to continue to create great content and follow HubPages best content practices in order to reach that status.

6. User ids may not remain the same (Get the registration at HubPages as soon as possible if you wish to get the same user id)

7. Since HubPages is bigger, the competition will be higher, but on the positive side so will the traffic!

A detailed FAQ from Squidoo provides answers to most of the questions.

Content creators should be able to create good content anywhere, it may take a while to get to the exact same status but when they do, the rewards will be equally higher… a lot more traffic being one of the major ones.

In this ever changing world of search, embracing change by adapting to new tactics, and being creative is THE survival mantra. Go on, create great content and keep at it…high quality content does not take long to get recognized.

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