What are content Aggregators and why do we need them?

What are Content Aggregators?

Aggregators aggregate content/information from various sources on the internet. The content from various sources are displayed in their sites but in a different format. The content and pages thus displayed become popular based on user votes.

Essentially the popularity of each post depends upon the votes that the post receives, and how often it gets shared.Whenever we share a post through Social networking sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg….they are actually social aggregators aggregating information and displaying it in a different format.

And then there are RSS aggregators such as “Alltop” and “Popurl”. Popurl essentially displays most popular posts from social aggregators such as Reddit, among others.

The importance of social aggregators has been growing ever since social networking started gaining popularity. Most internet marketers are realizing that relying on search engines alone as a source of traffic would mean losing out on potential traffic from other sources . Today, if you have fresh content, in order to make the most of the content, it needs to be shared, and shared through sources that have the ability to drive traffic.

If you are not sharing your content through the content aggregators, you may be missing out on the traffic that these aggregators can send you. Many of these content aggregators are popular because people subscribe to them and receive updates from them on topics of their choice. Imagine how powerful this is! The subscriber or the user has indicated the interest areas and is therefore quite focused on what they want to see.If your website is popular on content aggregator, your site has a chance of getting a lot of attention and may result in conversions!

The part that I love about content aggregators is the websites that I come across, some of them are gems! Many of these sites may not show up on the first few pages of the search engines and if I was not subscribed to the content aggregators services I would miss out on such excellent sites. The other thing that I like is the way the aggregators display content. I don’t have to see a whole lot of unwanted sites; I choose to see things that I am interested in.

You may want to utilize content aggregators as a means of driving traffic to your site. As you can see including them in your internet marketing strategy can make a big difference to your website’s popularity.

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