Worth Stumbling Upon

Most of us are regular users of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and perhaps some more social networking sites, but there is a particular favourite of mine, that somehow does not seem to make it at the top of the list but is truly worth Stumbling upon.

Yes, I am talking about “Stumbleupon.com”, one of my favourite social networking sites.
There is hardly a day when I do not visit StumbleUpon. I stumble upon gems every time I visit Stumble Upon.

For marketers this is a wonderful platform to attract more traffic. Stumble Upon provides an accessible and lucid platform through which it is easy to submit pages, like, share, and follow.

So what is it that makes Stumble Upon different from other social networking sites?

While the home page of most Social networking sites display information/updates from various sites, in Stumble Upon the home page is customized based on your interests only, and the best part is, it displays one page at a time only. Each page therefore gets complete attention, unlike in other networking sites, where no single page/site/image/update gets highlighted, and therefore the attention gets diluted because there are so many updates competing for your attention at the same time.

In Stumble Upon, the attention does not get diluted because in the home page, there is only one page that you see at a time, you can click on the “Stumble” button to move on to the next page but until then that page has all your attention!

I would say this alone is a great factor that will enable marketers to increase the chances of attracting more traffic. It is very simple to register and use Stumble Upon. Like all networking sites, registering is free, and simple. After logging in, just select your areas of interests and you are good to go! Stumble Upon will start displaying pages relevant to your areas of interest, unless you choose otherwise. You can easily add a page from your site, and any other site that you like. Like most Social networking sites, Stumble Upon is all about connecting with people by sharing, liking, and following. Stumble Upon also has a “Trending” section, were you get to see the Trending topics.

I love the layout of Stumble Upon. It is so easy to share and like.


If you are not on Stumble Upon, I recommend that you try it once; you will love it, not only because of the additional traffic that your site will get, but also because you will get to Stumble upon some amazing stuff that you will perhaps not find in search engines and many social networking sites that easily.

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