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  • Worth Stumbling Upon

    Most of us are regular users of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and perhaps some more social networking sites, but there is a particular favourite of mine, that somehow does not seem to make it at the top of the list …

  • Search in 2015

    2015 will be the year when search will not only be used to look up things on the internet or to purchase online, search will help us, assist us in our day to day activities as well.

    2015-search for the new

    With voice commands …

  • Seek And You Shall Find

    That is what the internet has been for me. All I need to do is just type in (sometimes I don’t have to type in everything, Google preempts it, and completes it for me!) what it is that I am …

  • SEO is here to stay

    SEO may be redefined, repackaged, and renamed, but it is definitely not going anywhere.

    There is a lot of buzz these days about the changing world of online marketing, especially, SEO. It seems SEO is slowly dying.

    SEO is evolving,

  • SEO Best practices for Video Optimization

    What are the SEO best practices for Video optimization?

    We all know that videos are powerful ways of spreading your message but how do we make the most of this powerful medium?

    Here are some SEO tips that will help …

  • How to get more visitors to your web site – Part II

    The objective of every online marketer is to increase the visitors to the website.

    It does feel like an uphill task in the beginning, but it is not difficult, given the n numbers of possibilities of reaching out to relevant …

  • Online visibility; what lies ahead?

    Online visibility has changed drastically over the years for business owners and for online marketers.

    There is now a visible change in the online marketing strategies that used to be recommended earlier to online business to increase their website’s online …

  • SEO best practices for 2013

    SEO practices for 2013 will continue with be in alignment with the changes that we are witnessing today, there won’t be any drastic changes, but the difference in now, and in the SEO practices for 2013, will be the momentum …

  • Promote your site

    When we say “Promote your site”, we mean, increasing the visibility of the site to the online audience. Your target audience needs to know about your existence online and more importantly they should be able to find you by searching. …