PINterest; Then and Now

Pinterest captured my attention when it started; I started using it more out of curiosity and found “PIN”ning quite “Interest”ing. It was more like going to Pinterest because I just loved going through images of nature, latest fashion, Jewelry, occasional quotations, marketing, it was more like getting lost in a nice place. While it continues to be that still, Pinterest has evolved a lot and has a lot more to offer now.

Today, think of any topic and you have a PIN!
PINs are popular. Starting from marketing ideas to recipes, you can find it on Pinterest!

One of the changes that I find on Pinterest is the gender specific results it provides you. All you have do is ensure that you have selected your preferred gender under settings and Pinterest will show up results that are based on your gender specific tastes and preferences.


Today, Pinterest pretty much knows what your likes are, what you pin, who you follow, etc…and that is where the analytics part of Pinterest is of immense value to marketers. Marketers have a great opportunity of reaching out to potential customers and to optimize their Pinterest strategy based on the analytics data that Pinterest provides.
Some of the topics that are very popular on Pinterest are Recipes, Crafts, Fashion, DIY, Furniture…and much more. Marketers selling products and services can take advantage of the growing population of actively involved pinners by following pinners who like products that are similar to theirs and creating boards that are customized based on what the potential customers like.

Paid campaigns on Pinterest

Paid campaigns on Pinterest is another option for marketers to reach out and draw the attention of potential customers. Short term campaigns will help in creating awareness and in brand recognition /identity especially for small business owners.

There is no end to finding creative ways of reaching out through Pinterest. Offers, promotions, descriptive Infographics, free eBooks, coupons, linking pins to your website…there is so much potential here that marketers can no longer do without Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest should be given a lot of focus and be a prominent part of the Social networking strategy of any business today.

SEO benefits of Pinning

From the SEO perspective, you can link your pins to your site, your blogs, articles…and get more traffic, more popularity and finally an optimized presence on search engines and on the internet.

I look forward to pinning more and get the most out of PINterest this year and in the coming years. What about you?


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