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Is Google Page Rank dead?

The latest and the hottest topic of discussion in the SEO world these days in about Google Page rank being officially dead. I hope it is true because in its lifetime the Google Page Rank caused a lot of unnecessary speculation, unwanted stress and unethical practices.

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Links: They can harm and heal too!

With so many changes and upsets after the recent Google update, a lot of webmasters are concerned about their linking strategy. Links are an integral part of a website and if used effectively can benefit websites and visitors both. But is that changing now?

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To Follow or Not to Follow

I sometimes wonder what would happen if Google were to suddenly remove Page Rank from the toolbar. There would be no Page Rank at all. What would we do then? How would we judge if a website is a great find to just another run of the mill website?

Webmasters would have to go back to the good old method of considering factors such as ranking in search engines, content, usefulness, among other various factors
before linking to a website.

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Eight steps to get SEO-wise

SEO (Search engine optimization) is not complicated, it is a method of helping your visitors find their way to your website, from among the maze of websites that exist today. As always, there is a method to this madness. Get SEO wise.

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Website promotion tools

Website promotion tools can be valuable for any webmaster because not only do they provide precious information; they do so at lightening fast speed! They save time so that you can focus on Website planning and strategy.Some of these SEO tools are indeed worth trying.

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Ranking for highly Competitive keywords, Is that so important?

Raking for highly competitive keywords, Is that so important? Or are there other things that can help a website stay on top?

This post explores some important factors and it is in continuation with my earlier post : Search Engine algorithms, Can we make them our friends?

Lets take up wine.com. Wine.com appears in the search results of all the three major search engines ( on searching with the keyphrase “best wines”)

To find out why wine.con enjoys good rankings in all the major search engines,

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