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Website promotion tools

Website promotion tools can be valuable for any webmaster because not only do they provide precious information; they do so at lightening fast speed! They save time so that you can focus on Website planning and strategy.Some of these SEO tools are indeed worth trying.

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Website SEO optimization by testing

Testing your website for human friendliness and usability is of prime importance and is perhaps one of the best ways of ensuring that your website will be palatable to the end user. And if it is palatable to the end user, be assured that search engines will like it too!

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SEO optimize your images -Top 5 best practices for SEO optimizing your images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

A SEO optimized image can be very well worth a few thousands of visitors, if not more!

Some of the best practices for SEO that concerns images/ pictures are:

1. Image Relevancy: Images can be used to explain something specific …

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Search Engine Algorithm Updates – How do they effect you?

What is a Search Engine Algorithm?
Search engine algorithms are differnet for each search engine. Each serach engine has its own algorithm. The algorithm adopted by each search engine forms the basis of why some web sites rank higher than others. Search engines update their algorithms from time to time to make their search results as accurate as possible. The recent Google Panda Algorithm update is an example. Algorithms are complex since they take into account many-many factors. It is almost impossible to know the exact mix of factors.

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SEO Competitive Research Tools

In continuation with my earlier article on SEO keyword research tools, in this article I discuss the Competitive Research Tools that are available for free.

Alexa – Alexa provides a lot of details but it is biased towards webmasters. Even then it gives us an approximate idea. Alexa provides the % age of internet users on a daily, weekly, monthly, and three monthly basis. It provides a web sites’s worldwide rank, the top search queries

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10 SEO tips to improve Search Engine Ranking

Some SEO tips that are sure to help you improve your search Engine ranking:-

1. Have a title and description tag for each of your pages.

2. Make sure that you use relevant keywords in the title and description tag.

3. Treat each page of your website as an entry page for your visitors. Make sure there are navigation links from
every page of your site. This way visitors will not be lost. If the website is huge, it might be a good idea to have breadcrumb links.

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