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  • Critical Ranking factors for ranking in search engines; a study

    Most of our Optimization efforts are focused on optimizing sites for high quality content, lucid navigation, user friendliness, and establishing authority. I was curious to know the correlation between ranking and the factors that we place importance upon.

    A sample …

  • Website Review tools for SEO; Do we need them?

    Yes, we do need them. Not only do these tools save our time, we are able to get a lot of relevant information for FREE!

    Website review tools for SEO are essential for every webmaster

    Website review tools are a …

  • What is SEO?

    So what exactly is SEO?

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process by which your web site is optimized to perform better on the search engine ranking pages (SERPS), image search, local search, industry specific sites, search directories, information …

  • Eight steps to get SEO-wise

    Here is how :-

    1. Not get unduly stressed out by the various Google updates; I understand if your ranking goes down, it is a issue, but getting stressed out and hyper will not achieve any results. On the other …

  • Search Engine Algorithm Updates – How do they effect you?

    • What is a Search Engine Algorithm?

    Search engine algorithms are differnet for each search engine. Each serach engine has its own algorithm. The algorithm adopted by each search engine forms the basis of why some web sites rank higher than

  • Ranking for highly Competitive keywords, Is that so important?

    Raking for highly competitive keywords, Is that so important?  Or are there other things that can help a website stay on top?

    This post explores some important factors and it is in continuation with my earlier post : Search Engine