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8 SEO myths

Some SEO myths have over time become SEO facts. They are now so ingrained in our systems that some Internet marketers use these as thumb rules when implementing SEO.

People tend of believe these myths so much that it is difficult to make staunch believers believe otherwise.

Check out what these SEO myths are.

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To Follow or Not to Follow

I sometimes wonder what would happen if Google were to suddenly remove Page Rank from the toolbar. There would be no Page Rank at all. What would we do then? How would we judge if a website is a great find to just another run of the mill website?

Webmasters would have to go back to the good old method of considering factors such as ranking in search engines, content, usefulness, among other various factors
before linking to a website.

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Website Review tools for SEO; Do we need them?

SEO depends a lot on data, data from different sources, in order to analyze a website’s strengths and weaknesses. The internet is flooded with website review tools, both free and paid. What is so special about these tools? Do webmasters really require these tools in order to optimize their website’s performance?

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