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Some time back, in fact quite some time back I wrote about SEO tools, and I intended writing about more such website promotion tools, but I kind of got distracted and wrote about a whole lot of other stuff and forgot about my intension of writing about some more SEO tools that might be useful when promoting your website.

One word of precaution though, use these tools sparingly, remember these are after all software and search engines don’t necessarily love them always. Also, the data you get may not always be a 100% accurate, sometimes website blocks the software from indexing their site or accessing the content, in such cases you may not find the information that you were looking for. Having said that, these tools are still very neat, they help a lot in analysis and fetching data for you at lightening fast speed!

So here goes, I am compiling a list of five useful and popular website promotion tools :

1. SeoQuake :
SEOquake is an analytic seo-tool for Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. You can get information about any website with SEOquake; information in terms of Page Rank, Alexa and a ton of other stuff. For more information on SEO quake go to

2.Opensiteexplorer :
Opensiteexplorer will provide you Link metrics for any website. It will provide you the Page Authority, Domain Authority, Linking Root Domains, Total Links, Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google +1, among other things. Nice!

3. SEO Tool Bar :
SEO tool bar is quite amazing actually. After installing the toolbar, you can view the  below-mentioned information about every site you visit –

Link Information will show the number of links pointing to the domain and to a particular page, Directory Information will provide you the number of pages listed in Dmoz, and in Yahoo! directory In additional to the above it provided information on Google Page rank, Age of a domain, traffic estimates, social bookmarking sites related inforamtion, and links from authoritative domains suchs as .edu, .gov etc. Amazing!

4. Spider test:
This is another useful tool to have. This will show you exactly how a search engine will see your page. It really helps because you see exactly how the search robots see your page. Your useful content may not be at all visible to the robots, this is quite an eye opener. You can rearrange your content and design so that your site is search engine and human friendly. These tools are indeed very addictive! In a healthy way though!

5. XML sitemap generator :
Xml sitemap generator is another very useful tool. An XML sitemap is usually submitted to Google so that search engines can crawl your website better. And most of all, the search engines will know about the existence of all the pages that exist in your site, which otherwise they may not have known or indexed.

I will take up some more useful website promotion tools in my subsequent posts.

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