Eight steps to get SEO-wise

Here is how :-

1. Not get unduly stressed out by the various Google updates; I understand if your ranking goes down, it is a issue, but getting stressed out and hyper will not achieve any results. On the other hand, finding out, and analyzing what may have triggered it, will produce better results.

2. Stop that obsession with Google page rank; don’t keep checking your page rank every day, if you take my advice remove the page rank option from the tool. Think that it does not exist. It will bring you a lot of peace. And truly, it is one among so many factors that is used to determine your website’s ranking. Even with a PR of 4 or 5 you may not be ranking high!

3. Webmaster accounts with Google and Bing- Visit often and find out the problem areas, the good areas of your website, and get working on optimizing your website.

4. Don’t bribe- It is true in every aspect of your life, and very true for SEO as well. Buying links from websites that are not relevant and otherwise as well, will only bring you temporary help, it just might backfire later. I will not recommend exchanging links just so that your page rank goes up; analyzing the benefits of having an incoming link, is much more important.

5. Find better ways of reaching out to your target audience, through forums, by providing feedback, and using PR services for PR worthy news, and more.

6. All the time remembering to optimize your pages for the humans. Search engines come later, optimize for humans, and search engines will like it too. Remember, search is getting more and more sophisticated, and they are getting better at showing relevant results. Of course, you cannot forget the technical aspects, like, download speed, correct coding etc.

7. Providing adequate FAQs, in case your website requires help with the actions that you want your visitors to take.

8. Social media and SEO, that is the mantra today; social media is one of the most powerful ways of reaching out to your target audience.

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