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  • SEO is here to stay

    SEO may be redefined, repackaged, and renamed, but it is definitely not going anywhere.

    There is a lot of buzz these days about the changing world of online marketing, especially, SEO. It seems SEO is slowly dying.

    SEO is evolving,

  • To Follow or Not to Follow

    Google’s Page Rank brought with it a series of changes in how people promoted their websites on the internet. And how websites were perceived. Since the day Page Rank got introduced, SEO changed in many ways. Before Page Rank days, …

  • SEO Audit – Part I

    In my last post I talked about the importance of SEO audit for every website. SEO audit has various stages; it can begin from a simple quality control of the website (pre-SEO audit) to detailed analysis by using tools that …

  • SEO best practices for 2013

    SEO practices for 2013 will continue with be in alignment with the changes that we are witnessing today, there won’t be any drastic changes, but the difference in now, and in the SEO practices for 2013, will be the momentum …

  • Guaranteed SEO?

    Guaranteed SEO; Myth or reality ?

    From the Search engine optimization perspective, what can an Internet marketer guarantee?

    Can an Internet marketer guarantee that your web site will rank within the top 10 results in 3 months? And if they …