Your website is Optimized and Converting; What next?

Your website is doing well, and you are satisfied with the number of conversions it receives. However, with changing times a lot of new things need to be added so that your competition does not get the better of you. If you were to consider making major changes in your website, such as changing the page design, how would go about with the process?

Would you go the old route of getting a few different layouts designed, and then arriving at a decision on the best design based on the feedback of a few key stakeholders ? Or, would you consider a more scientific way of approaching this?

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Optimize Videos & Increase Traffic

Optimize videos to increase traffic and engagement for your online videos. This post is about how to make your videos more effective with the easy to use tools from YouTube.

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SEO Best Practices 2017

Will the SEO best practices for 2017 be focused on optimizing for mobile search?
Let’s find out.

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Yext; Attract relevant local traffic by Optimizing local-specific listings

Yext is Next; now optimize and manage location-specific listings across multiple websites to get increased, relevant, and higher converting local traffic.

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Tags & Tag Cloud- Do they help or hamper ranking?

Is it beneficial to include tags and tag cloud in your on-line content?
Do tags play any role in increasing on-line visibility and ranking?

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Internal Site Search for higher converting sites

Internal site search is a must have for all websites, not only from the user friendliness aspect, but also because it has a significant impact on the conversion of a website.

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Online Customer Reviews and their impact on Businesses

Customer reviews and ratings online are impacting businesses in a big way and will continue to do so. What steps can businesses take so that existing and potential customers will review them in a positive light?

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Attract more traffic by including long tail keywords in your content

The online searcher is looking for instant answers “I want this now”
Armed with mobile devices, searchers are actively searching using specific, relevant, and long tail keywords. Are you ready for them?

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Ludwig, the new linguistic search engine with a difference

Ludwig, the new linguistic search engine helps people get comfortable and confident in using English in everyday conversations.

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SEO and Technology

SEO best practices are not limited to Search Engine optimization only, the best practices can be applied anywhere online, wherever there are potential customers, SEO can play a major role.

With technology playing a major role today, where is SEO headed?

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