Creating High Quality and Trustworthy web sites

Creating high quality and trustworthy web sites is what every webmaster aspires for.

Google recently published guidelines their raters use to rate website for quality and trustworthiness. And therefore creating a high quality and trustworthy web site will no longer …

HTTP to HTTPS, to move or not to?

Shift from HTTP to HTTPS is one of the basic best practices towards making your web site secure

With Google encouraging https encryption, most website owners are finally seriously considering shifting from http to https.

The shift is necessary, not

Most effective practices of increasing traffic to your website

Some of the most effective ways of increasing traffic to your website are listed below. There are no short cuts to this, but utilizing these tips will certainly enable a faster and a continuous inflow of increased traffic to a …

Over-Optimization kills while under-Optimization hurts

While it is safe to say that every web page requires to be optimized so that it can be set up for success; how much optimization is enough, is there a defined limit beyond which we need to stop? How

What is AMP and why do you need it?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The objective of Accelerated Mobile Pages is to enable web pages to load faster and therefore get displayed faster on mobile devices.

Most of the web pages today have adapted the mobile friendly …

Best Practices for optimizing your Facebook posts

After Facebook’s Canvas, which is for paid advertisements catered towards mobile traffic, here is good news for non-paid, organic posts on Facebook pages. Facebook’s recently launched  tool “The Audience Optimization tool” provides a lot more options for increasing the …

Google’s Top Three Ranking Factors

Now that we have the top three ranking factors that Google uses to rank pages, as mentioned-below:

Links, Content, and, RankBrain (not necessarily in that order, and as we know there are various other factors that Google considers for ranking, …

Paint your own canvas with Facebook and watch your mobile traffic grow

As web masters and business owners we are always looking for ways to get more traffic to our websites. In addition to increasing organic traffic by using SEO, the online marketing strategy should include advertisements on mobile devices. The SEO

SEO best practices for Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for any online business