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  • Yext; Attract relevant local traffic by Optimizing local-specific listings

    Yext enables you to attract relevant local traffic and increase conversions by providing easy to use interface for managing and optimizing local-specific listings

    About Yext

    Yext is a technology company well-known for its award-winning product, Location cloud. Founded in 2006 …

  • Yelp for help!

    What is Yelp?

    Yelp has been helping people find businesses online, businesses such as, plumbers, health services, local events, and much more.

    Yelp’s rich local listings and reviews help people who are looking to connect to reliable services near their …

  • Go Local for targeted traffic

    The need for each business to be visible to their local audience is undisputable.

    The importance of local visibility is even more evident with the various options available to business owners to list their local businesses. Business owners can list …