Google for jobs; look no further

Google for jobs? 

You heard right, if you are looking for a job, head straight to Google. Google has job opportunities for you…

What is Google for jobs?

Google for jobs is a new initiative by Google and is currently available in America only. According to Google’s blog post, 46 percent of U.S. employers face manpower shortages and cannot fill out the open position with the right hire.

Google’s initiative stemmed from the above fact, they can help since they have the technology and the know how to provide results that are a close match. This is what they specialize in!

With Cloud Jobs API, and machine learning capabilities, it is hardly a surprise to find Google venturing into this segment whose very essence is “Search”.

Google has already integrated job postings from LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Facebook, and many others in their Google for jobs initiativeThis means any job posting in these third party sites will be published and found in Google.Employers can post the jobs directly as well.

The detailed documentation on how to integrate job openings directly from a company’s website and from a third party agency can be found here:

What does this mean for the future of job search and internet marketing?

It means that when you are hungry, lost, and looking for a job, head straight to Google:)

On a serious note, it means that one has continue to optimize and evolve, in this case for instance, just having a career page in a company’s website is not enough to integrate with Google for jobs. Integrating jobs in Google will require the use of structured data. Including structured data in the html will ensure that the job is optimally placed in Google, and therefore provide a better user experience to job seekers. Technologies and along with that  people’s needs are changing. All of us need to change and adapt to new, optimized, and effective ways of doing things.

The same applies for Internet marketing. The entire gamut of internet marketing including SEO, will continue to evolve, and embrace new technologies, and different ways of doing things.

The interesting thing about technology when applied to search is, they can do wonders by introducing new innovative stuff, and also revolutionize thinking!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead and don’t stop searching:)

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