Attract relevant local traffic with Yext

Attracting relevant local traffic is now possible with Yext. One of the main benefits of using Yext is that it enables you to attract local potential customers by providing easy to use interface for managing and optimizing local-specific listings.

What is Yext?

Yext is a technology company well-known for its award-winning product, Location cloud. Founded in 2006 and based out of New York City, Yext provides businesses the ability to manage, optimize, and update location-specific information for multiple websites from one single point.

Why should you use Yext to attract relevant local traffic?

The top three key benefits of using Yext are:

  1. Manage and Optimize local-specific listings from one single point

  2. Attract relevant local traffic

  3. Increase conversion rates for local mobile searchers

Yext-increase local traffic
Yext has a number of products and solutions that can be customized to your needs. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

1. Cloud based helps to have real time info updates and attract local relevant traffic:

One of the single most benefits of Yext is the integration of data from various websites. For instance, should you need to update location specific- information in Foursquare, Google, Bing, Facebook…instead of visiting each of these sites, one at a time, and manually updating the data, all you will need to do is log in to Yext, and make the changes in one go.

Not only does Yext make it easy for us by providing a single point interface for updating information across multiple websites, Yext also enables us to display the information across multiple websites in a consistent manner. The more consistent and relevant the information, the higher the chances of attracting relevant local traffic and converting potential customers into paying customers.

2. Listings:

With Yext you are able to keep your listings accurate. Yext’s direct integrations with global publishers enables you to be in control of how and where the listings appear.

3. Google My business:

Yext is integrated with Google My Business, and because of that, Yext is able to provide you  new updates or changes in Google My business even before they are made available in the Google My business Dashboard. So you will be amongst one of the first to know of any updates. Not only that, Yext’s integration with Google My Business will enable you to update listings directly from Yext, and then publish to Google.

4. SEO best practices for attracting local relevant traffic:

By using Yext you are ensure that your data is consistent across all the location specific applications and directories. The landing pages are customized and integrated with over hundreds of applications, and directories and are in alignment with the SEO best practices. Yext gives you the option of enhancing your local listings by using visuals, videos, promotions, and much-much more.

       How does Yext help in SEO?

a) The more customized and enhanced your listings, the more attractive they will be to the potential customers. The listings managed from Yext are displayed in a user-friendly lucid way, so that potential customers are able to follow and comprehend the information provided, resulting in attracting relevant local traffic to your website.

b) Not only does Yext enable you to present information in an unambiguous and attractive way, the clean and uncluttered display allows the listings to be indexed by search engines easily.

c) One of the other SEO benefits of opting for Yext is the duplicate listing check. Duplicate listings are frowned upon by search engines and are a big “no no”. Yext’s program alerts you regarding any duplicate listings, and does not allow those to get published.

Whether you are a global business, a small business owner, or an agency, Yext addresses almost all of your concerns when it comes to managing and optimizing local listing for multiple locations across multiples website. Packed with the goodness of SEO, Yext seems to be a great option to attract relevant local traffic and give you an edge over your competition.

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