What is an Authoritative/Authority site?

I was recently asked this question.
Though often talked about, I thought it still might be a good idea to write about authoritative sites and what they mean in terms of online marketing/ SEO.

—»Simply put, an authoritative site (or …

Optimize SEO keywords for better performance

A search on the top three search engines with the keyword ‘Football 2010’ displays an interesting mix of results.

Google results

  • fifa.com
  • fifa.com/worldcup/matches/index.html
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_FIFA_World_Cup
  • News-The Guardian
  • Video results
  • footballmanager.com
  • itv.com/sport/football/fifaworldcup/
  • southafrica.info/2010/
  • news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/5179512.stm
  • store.steampowered.com/app/34000
  • guardian.co.uk/football/worldcup2010
  • excely.com/football/2010-fifa-world-cup-schedule.shtml

Yahoo! results

  • fifa.com
  • football.skyworldcup.com
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009%E2%80%9310…