Google’s Project Owl and its impact on Search

What is Google’s Project Owl?

Google’s Project owl is a mammoth initiative by Google to improve the quality of search results in its SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Pages). This project got triggered because of the frequency of appearance of fake news/ low quality results in Google’s SERPs in the recent times; the following link on Google blog has more details on this project:

Google's Project Owl
Project Owl, Google

With Project Owl, Google is now actively making some major changes so that the SERPs show up more relevant and high quality results.

With the internet expanding at the rate it is, Google which gets the maximum search traffic and also indexes a huge number of websites /webpages/content regularly, faces a major challenge today. Validating and structuring this humongous amount of content so that users get access to relevant and authentic content, is one of the major challenges for Google and all search engines.

In order to clean up and ensure authentic content in search results, some of the major updates that Google has implemented and is working actively on are:

1. The auto complete search results now has a feedback form available for use by searchers to report the quality of results.

2. For Snippets such as the following example, Google has introduced a feedback form to collect more information from searchers.

3. Google will continue to be even more focused on authoritative results in the SERPs.

These are some positive steps from Google to try to ensure a high quality content. In my opinion, as users of Google search, we can help out by providing feedback when we see content that is not authentic.

How will Project Owl impact SEO?

Webmasters should continue to focus on creating SEO optimized content that has been designed keeping in mind the business and the end user’s goals. Creating user-friendly pages with relevant, original, authentic, and high quality content should be the primary focus.

What are your thoughts about Google’s Project Owl? Would be happy to receive your feedback and suggestions on how we can help Google and other search engines in the drive of cleaning up fake content from the SERPs.

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