Audio search engine Audioburst

Audio search engine, Audioburst, helps you find audio content easily. This audio search engine connects you to various audio sources for any audio content that you may be interested in.

What exactly does Audioburst do?

Audioburst is a company that has recently launched a new search engine that connects end users to audio content from various sources. This search engine for web and mobile is changing the way audio content is organized and found. It connects the searchers to audio content from various radio stations and podcasts. Audioburst indexes audio content in millions daily from many sources with the goal of providing real-time, well-organized, and personalized news feed owing to the AI application that is used by the search engine.

The basic need for this arose from the fact there is, on an ongoing basis, a lot of information that gets generated in the form of audio. However, there has never been an effort to organize audio content so that audio can be easily accessed…many of the audio content gets lost after it has been aired…or available to a select few only on a subscription basis.


How is Audioburst able to provide relevant content?

What Audioburst’s search engine is doing is…indexing, organizing, and presenting the audio content in a manner such that the audio content can be easily found on searching. The AI application makes your listening experience customized and relevant. One of the best features is, since this is all audio, you can ask a question and get the result immediately…and this is where it is unique…you get to hear the actual speaker, the host of the audio program. This is certainly a very different experience vis-a-vis what we experience when we hear a voice assistant.

The usage of AI is what makes this Audioburst search engine so relevant

Audioburst creates a sort of listening identity based on your geographic location, the make of your device, interest, history of what you have listened to and from which sources, and then deliver relevant results. Once the cognitive functions of the AI technology get even more developed, Audioburst search engine will most likely be able to deliver personalized  audio advertisements, daily news updates, etc. This is still a long way away but is a part of the company’s goals in the next couple of years.

Try this search engine out, it is so good to access audio content so readily and instantly. Type in your keyword at the URL mentioned below, and you will be taken to the most relevant news from top podcasts and radio stations directly:

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