8 SEO myths

1. SEO is not required for brands :

SEO is required for big brands as well. SEO is a holistic process involving various factors like On- page optimization which involves, design optimization, researching relevant Keywords, content optimization, writing relevant titles, and description meta tags, working on HTML codes, image optimization, and other elements of a web page and Off- page optimization which includes suggesting your web site to industry specific sites, local search, video search, and acquiring natural back links. Every brand big or small will need to use some of these SEO elements in order to gain visibility online.

2. Content generation is the best way to go for SEO :

Content generation is great but just generating content for the sake of putting up fresh content without any objective is of no help to visitors. Is the content useful? If not, your visitors will click out of your site as soon as they click in.Eventually websites that do not offer content that is useful to the visitors will not be able to maintain their ranking.

3. Links are the only way to rank well :

Another popular myth; Getting an enormous number of incoming links by reciprocal link exchanges and various other ways of exchanging links does not assure you of top rankings in search engines.

4. Keywords stuffing will help you secure higher ranking :

Some webmasters believe that using excessive keywords or key phrases in their visible content will help them rank better. There is no way you can achieve good rankings if you do this, unless your keyword has very low competition. In that case you would rank even by using a few keywords.

5. Publishing articles with the objective of securing one-way links :

Publishing articles will certainly give your web site some amount of exposure and popularity but this practice has been exploited to a great extent. It does not get same amount of respect these days.

6. Commenting on blogs with key anchor texts will help you secure higher rankings :

This is another huge myth, this was quite rampant earlier and people would exploit this to a great extent by using random anchor texts and linking those to unrelated content. Because of that practice most webmasters have implemented “No follow”, whereby no Page Rank benefit flows into such links.

7. Paid anchor links on high PR sites will get you top rankings on the SERPs :

This worked earlier but not now. Buying link space just for the sole purpose of inflating Page Rank does not help any web site secure top ranking.

8. SEO is only about Meta tags, keywords, and content :

Search engine optimization entails much more than implementing basic SEO elements. It starts with the inception of a website and is a continuous process. SEO is never ending and ever-evolving.

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